City of Brandenburg an der Havel

The city of Brandenburg an der Havel is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Brandenburg. The city of Brandenburg an der Havel, which is over 1050 years old, is considered the cradle of the Mark Brandenburg. Anyone who takes a voyage of discovery in Brandenburg an der Havel will experience a city with many faces.

Brandenburg an der Havel, the city that gave the state its name, can be discovered in different ways. Whether on a tour of the three medieval city centers or on an exploration tour by ship, the visitor always comes across imposing testimonials from the city’s 1,000-year history. The numerous sights, such as the famous Brandenburg Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the large churches of St. Catherine, St. Gotthardt and St. Nikolai, the old town hall with the Roland figure in front of it or the four gate towers and the preserved parts of the old city walls characterize this in a fascinating way cityscape.

Together with the many lovingly renovated town houses in the streets and alleys of the city center, the extensive parks and green areas as well as the winding river arms and extensive lakes, they make up the special flair of Brandenburg an der Havel. The city of Brandenburg an der Havel is the largest city in the state of Brandenburg in terms of area. It covers 228.8 km² and, according to the Federal Statistical Office (as of 2011), has a population of 71,534. It is considered the oldest city in the state of Brandenburg and is also called “The cradle of the Mark Brandenburg”. Brandenburg is first mentioned in the deed of the bishopric of the same name in 948. The city of Brandenburg an der Havel is framed by almost 6500 hectares of forest and around 4000 hectares of water. At peak times the population was around 95,000, that was in 1988. Unfortunately, the “post-reunification years” did not leave Brandenburg an der Havel without a trace. Almost the entire heavy industry had to bow to the market economy.

Today, the largest “employers” in the city are the electrical steel plant, which belongs to the RIVA Group, and ZF Friedrichshafen, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG with its plants in Brandenburg. Furthermore, Voestalpine BWG and GmbH in Kirchmöser. But also in renewable energies were settled, only Bosch Solar CISTech GmbH is to be mentioned here. But E-on and the Stadwerke Brandenburg an der Havel invest a lot in renewable energies and are among the largest companies in the city.