The regatta course

In 2019 the beautiful natural regatta course in Brandenburg an der Havel celebrates its 50th birthday. Since the 2009 European Canoe Championship, more than 5 million euros have been invested in the unique regatta course. Here is an overview of the history, the features and the national and international competitions.

Features of the Brandenburg regatta course

  • Internationally recognized regatta technology, including: Olympic-ready timing system from SwissTime
  • State-of-the-art technology on the “old” new target tower with 170 m2 of usable space
  • Disabled-friendly walkways and barrier-free building adaptation
  • FO cabling on the entire area of the regatta course
  • High-speed internet
  • 64 m² video wall
  • TV in the catering area and on the saddle for “Regatta Live TV”
  • Large catering area on the saddle-area
  • 14,000 m² of space for preparing athletes and setting up boats
  • Automatic starting system
  • Partially covered grandstand
  • Very good traffic connections, sufficient parking spaces are available

Technical parameters

  • Total length: 2,350 m
  • Depth: 3m
  • Number of lanes: 6 lanes width 13.50 m


  • 15.09.1967: Start of construction with the objective of building a regatta course that meets the requirements of international championships.
  • From 1970: DKSV conducts the Great International Brandenburg Canoe Regatta annually
  • 09.-13.08.1972: European rowing championships for women with 21 national teams
  • 08.-11.08.1985: 1st Junior World Championships in rowing with 30 national teams
  • after 1990: decision at local and state level to jointly renovate the traditional natural regatta course and gradually expand it into a competition facility for international title fights
  • 1994/1995: Refurbishment and refurbishment of the judges’ tower
  • 1999/2000: Reconstruction of the first section of the grandstand
  • 2001/2002: Modification of second grandstand section, second grandstand roof
  • 2003/2010: Extensive renovation of the entire site
  • 2010 Completion of the new 64 m² video display board
  • 2010 Expansion to eight Albano system lanes
  • 2011 New aiming tower
  • 2014/2015 Extensive renovation of the functional building and the saddle site building, e.g. B. handicapped accessible showers and sanitary rooms
  • 2016 Renewal of the complete grandstand seat shells
  • 2017 Creation of a modern medical center

National canoe regattas after 1990

  • 7 x the German championship in canoe racing with over 1000 participants each
  • 28 x the Great Brandenburg Canoe Regatta (since 2008 with integrated international Juniors Cup) with approx. 900 participants
  • 29 x the East German championship in canoe racing; Participants approx. 900 participants
  • 29 x the regional championships of the LKV Brandenburg approx. 400 participants each
  • 2 x the German championship in the canoe marathon with 260 participants
  • 6 x German championship in the dragon boat

International canoe regattas after 1990

  • 3 World Cups in the canoe marathon with 15 nations each and approx. 130 participants (2008, 2010, 2015)
  • 2 x European Canoeing Championships; 2009 – 500 active from 35; 2014 – 850 active people from 40 nations
  • 1 x Junior World Championship in Canoeing 64 Nations, 600 participants
  • 1 x World Cup of the Sprint Masters in canoe racing 28 nations with 270 participants
  • World Canoe Marathon Championship with around 460 athletes from 32 nations.
  •   1x EDBF European Dragon Boat Championships